StopGull Air Handrail support


The StopGull Air support for handrails, it’s suitable to be installed to any kind of handrails of bow or stern, hard-top, etc. The handrail support can be fitted in vertical or horizontal position. It's quick and easy to install. It's made of anodized aluminum and stainless steel AISI 316 and it can be fixed to a handrail from 22mm to 38mm (0’87’’ to 1,49’’) diameter.

StopGull Air
Stopgull Handrail support Vertical way
StopGull Air_Handrail_support_2
StopGull Air_Handrail support
StopGull Air support for Bimini open 


To install the StopGull Air when the Bimini arch is open. It's manufactured in AISI 316 stainless steel, and adaptable for tubes from 22mm to 28mm (0’86’’ to 1,10’’) diameter. The bimini arch can be folded with the bimini open support installed.

StopGull Air_support Bimini open_2
StopGull Air_support Bimini open_1
StopGull Air support for Boom & Bimini folded


To install the StopGull Air device at any kind of bimini when they are folded, and the aluminum booms when the sails are lowered. It comes with textile tapes of one meter long with safety fasteners, and it can be fitted to any kind of bimini and aluminium booms.

Boom support for StopGull Air
Bimini folded support for StopGull Air
StopGull Air support for Bimini close
StopGull Air_Boom_support
Suction cup support StopGull Air


The StopGull Air suction cup to fit the StopGull Air at smooth surfaces. The suction cup includes the base to fit the StopGull Air device quick and easily.

StopGull Air_Suction cup support_3
StopGull Air_Suction cup support_1
StopGull Air_Suction cup support_4_edited
StopGull Air_Suction cup support
Sandbag support for StopGull Air 


Textile support of about 4 kilos (8,82lb) weight, it’s suitable to install the StopGull Air device on the solarium.

Sand support StopGull Air_edited
StopGull Air_Sandbag support_edited
StopGull Air support
for inflatable boats


Kit support to fit the StopGull Air device to any kinds of inflatable boats. It's made of nautical acrylic fabric and flexible ropes with four hooks to fix at the external profile of the inflatable boat. It includes a telescopic mast for its final tightening.

Kit inflatable boat
Kit inflatable boat_1
Boat Vent 3 for StopGull Air

Ref: 9090001

The StopGull Air can be installed on the mooring canvas with the Boat Vent 3 device. With this support, two benefits are obtained; avoid gulls and coastal birds land on the mooring canvas and at the same time allows the ventilation inside the boat, preventing moisture, mildew and bad smell, and the condensation of cockpit indicators.

StopGull Air_Boat Vent 3
Boat Vent 3_for StopGull Air
Boat Vent 3_for StopGull Air_1